A History Of Star Wars Lego Sets ? The Year 2002

Lego has produced Star Wars sets for over ten years and in their third year of the licence, the company began to release sets from the second of the Star Wars Prequels, Attack Of the Clones.

Released in 2002, the sequel to The Phantom Menace was well received and demand was high for Star Wars Lego in this year. Lego continued the broad range of sets, releasing 22 in all. These included a number of Ultimate Collector and Technic Sets as well as their regular range of models based on both prequel and original trilogy films.

In regards to long-term collecting interests the most notable sets of the year included the Ultimate Collector Star Destroyer (10030). The set came in at 3096 pieces and measured 37’inches long by 23’inches wide. At the time of release, it was the largest Star Wars Lego set and indeed the largest Lego set ever produced. It still commands high prices on the secondary market.

Demand has also remained high for the Republic Gunship (7163), the first of its kind released in Lego format and the first set to contain clone troopers. The ship featured in Attack Of the Clones as both a transport and attack gunship and the set, while small by today’s standards at 693 pieces was a popular with fans who wanted to start their clone army.

The most enduring figure of the year would have to be the figure of Jango Fett, featured in the set Jango Fett’s Slave 1 (7153). Surprisingly Jango Fett has never been repeated in a Lego set since this first release and so the set and the figure demand high prices in today’s market. The set also featured the unique figure Boba Fett as a boy. While cute, baby Boba has not proven to be as popular as his father.

Other sets worth noting from 2002 include Final Duel and Final Duel II (7200 and 7201) two very small sets that attracted alot of attention for their minifigs and parts and were very well priced at $ 6.99 each. Similarly priced were Jedi Defence I and Jedi Defence II (7203 and 7204) which offered similar value for Prequel Trilogy figures and settings.

Other sets in this year included Ewok Attack (7193) which was the first appearance of the furry warriors from Return Of the Jedi, Jedi Duel (7103) which remained collectable for years afterwards because of the Yoda and Dooku figures and the Tusken Raider Encounter (7113) which featured Anakin and the first (and only) Tusken Raiders released.

2002 was a great year for Star Wars Lego as it expanded the universe even further, allowing fans and kids to play with and collect more of the significant moments of the films.

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