Star Wars: The Old Republic

Today I have some interesting information. There may be some great news, but neglected a little bit about Star Wars: The Old Republic, so the keel of things came together. My failure was not due to laziness, however, but rather out of concern for you readers. Glut of information in a field, it is rather a bad idea here is a small gap.

Therefore, we will throw a look at two things, first fight in space, tibia gold, and secondly some interesting plot threads that are sure to delight fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

As regards the fight in space, it was some time ago, I was afraid that the developers are taking up too many things at once – thereby thinning the entire game. But it turned out that I do not think I underestimated just BioWare. The developers have proposed for a very nice – the manner in which the arcade game, which by the developer does not require any colossal creativity, and the players provide the perfect mini-game. This may simply be a fantastic break from the traditional adventures carried on the surface of planets. Details of the space battle you can see on this film.

From my point of view, the whole idea can provide a cool, light entertainment, and by the way is quite a development. For such a simple diagram can be built quite interesting mechanisms for gaining experience, improving our star ship, and even sometimes introduce additional skills that affect the effectiveness of the ship in combat. Knowing the ingenuity of BioWare staff can we expect a lot of nice flavor.

The second thing relates to the development of themes familiar from the Knights of the Old Republic (I hear this game fans rubbing their hands, and if not, it should be). Many times I wrote about the fact that this excellent production of his time, finds its continuation in SW: TOR and what? And I was right! Well, I can not here, of course, ascribe great merit, because these statements as a mantra, repeated a little too promises developers. Despite this, I feel a little satisfaction. The footage can be found here, it shows that the data we will know the fate of a former Jedi Knight, a former Sith Lord – Revan. And if not destiny, it is above all its action scenes, quoting Gen. Sith: “After all these years, we will be able to learn the secrets that Revan left behind.”

By the way I would recommend a few nice articles about the game, which appeared on the Goal of the last two months: Technical aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the issue of support DirectX 11, Korelia – another planet we will visit in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic – details of a smuggler class.

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