The Loser’s Guide To Dating

Have you heard of the Law of Averages? It is a belief that an event is due to happen. In dating, this is most of the time an advantage and sometimes, a burden. When you seem to fail in the dating department, the Law of Averages is your only hope. And if you are looking for some tips to back you up, here is the loser’s guide to dating that can surely come handy for you:

1.   Always be neat – This doesn’t mean that you have to look like those nerds with your hair brushed up. You simply need to smell good, have a decent haircut, clean and sparkly white teeth, and an outfit that is harmonous with your eye color and is just right for your size.  All these you need to be able to make a good impression to your date. If you are still in your sweat pants and still not, in any manner, the guy described here, then, I suggest that you go back home and fix yourself before you ruin your chance of a pleasing evening.

2.   Let the fear disappear – The most difficult thing that you will be facing is the fear to get rejected. This is actually the result of all the rejections that you have experienced in your dating life. Making you quit and hide rathyer than try again. Life sucks and we know that. Take it this way. It’s just a date.  If she doesn’t like you, it’s her loss.  She missed a chance to meet someone really special who will make her feel special as well. Besides, there are many fishes in the see.  Tomorrow’s another day.

3.   Be unpredictable and mysterious – What separates jocks from losers is their ability to be spontaneous, unpredictable and mysterious.  They are always fun to be with and they carry this “I- don’t-care or I-don’t-give-a-damn” attitude. They are the go getters. They highly think of themselves and they set their own rules. They don’t let anyone mess with these rules, making them look tougher. The loser’s guide to dating tells you that you better start learning how to be unpredictable and mysterious. Instead of calling her right after a date, control yourself and keep her guessing and wondering when you are going to. And when you finally call, catch her off guard by asking her for coffee or even dinner right away. This will surely make her dig you more for your spontaneity.

4.   Confidence is the key – As we all know, women always go gaga over men who are confident and decisive. It’s normal for women to look for men whom they can lean on when trouble comes. Remember that women always seek security. Once you are out on a date with your girl, take control of the situation. You need to be decisive. Be prepared and always be ready with a back-up plan. Just in case that a date at the beach gets busted since it’s pouring.

5.   Pay attention – Let her talk, women love talking. You make their day when you listen. They will definitely appreciate you when once listen to them. But you should not just listen. It is pretty necessary that you take mental notes on almost every word that comes out of her mouth. It might be her favorite food or place. These details can come in handy on your next date with her. She will be impressed the moment you rattle it all back at her. It will only show that you care about the things that are important for her. Trust me.  They appreciate it big time when you remember.


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